Assistance with debt recovery

It can be a troublesome task when your debts get out of hand, so we are here to take that load off your back and ensure that your business remains solvent and ahead of competition.

In order to maintain a healthy day-to-day cashflow, it is imperative that all your debts are attended to efficiently and consistently. Citilegal acts as solution providers in recovering debt owed to you, and employ innovative and extensive regimes in order to assist with your debt recovery processes.

In addition to this reactive form of debt recovery, we also offer proactive advice on ways in which your business can avoid incurring debt to begin with. We do this by providing you with a systematic way in which you can screen potential clients before commencing dealings with them and make informed decision as to whether this is an important, strategic effect for your business. In the small chance that you incur debt anyway, we are still there to help you recover it in the most efficient way possible through the employment of our extensive tracking systems.

A few of these systems include:

  • The location of debtors through extensive and up-to-data private and public databases, which will enable you to contact these individuals and collect unpaid debt
  • The development of a prioritised collection strategy through the ongoing monitoring of debts owed to you in order to manage your accounts receivable
  • The shadowing of debtors to determine when they are solvent enough for us to immediately begin working towards the collection of your unpaid balance


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