Court Document Filing

Filing documents to courts can often seem like a draining process, as it consists of intricacies which, when not strictly abided by, can invalidate your document. There are particular forms to be filled out for particular topics, cases that have strict deadlines as to when they can be filed, issues surrounding meeting these deadlines when filing these documents via the mail, and which files can be lodged electronically.

Citilegal works to keep on top of this additional burden for you, so that you are able to devote your time to more important matters. We use advanced filing systems which enable our workers to comprehensively overlook all the documents you have filed both physically and electronically, so that there are no hurdles in pursuance of your matter.

Additionally, we review all your court documents and look for errors which may result in your document becoming invalid. We spend an adequate amount of time reviewing documents with strict accordance to the rules and regulations surrounding your specific documents.

Supporting Australian Legal professionals and business

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