Data Recovery

In today’s day and age, firms have become increasingly reliant on computer desktops. Therefore, in the case┬áthat┬áthere is a system failure or a hardware issue, the loss of all the data from your media means that your firm will become inoperable unless that data is recovered.

We recover data in all kinds if unique situations including:

  • All causes of data loss
  • All types of systems and devices
  • All types of media

We also provide computer forensic services. This comes into play when an individual has intentionally deleted or manipulated your computer data, and you may wish to take action against them. In this case, we investigate and analyse computer media which can then be used as evidence in order to support or disprove aspects of an investigation. In order to identify who has been accessing this sensitive data, we employ processes to identify and preserve original computer evidence before it was altered.


Supporting Australian Legal professionals and business

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